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I read a post on Twitter that sparked a little something in me.  It read something like: “Can you believe President Obama is still smoking?” The “tweet” felt a little condemning which is what I think caused something within me to ruffle.  I thought, ‘can you believe…’ People have a lot of nerve.  President Obama inherited a massive heap of garbage upon walking into the White House.  It was a cesspool  waiting for him.  It’s only been a little more than a year and his hair has become more gray and he sometimes he looks worn.  On top of health care reform, a recession and a war, he has to deal with the Party of “No,” the Republicans, who chin check him every time he opens his mouth – even if its something that they once agreed upon and then he STILL has to go home and be a daddy to his kids and a husband to his wife – all while sweeping the shards of shattered America.

I can’t say that I agree with smoking.  I talk to my son regularly about the importance of NOT smoking, seeing as how it has been linked to cancer, but as with any other “vice,” it’s a struggle.  It’s an addiction that isn’t easily kicked.  I can imagine with the degree of stress that President Obama endures day after day, the thought of engaging his vice is tempting.  To read that he’s at 95% is huge – coming from a man who used to smoke consistently.  I suppose we should be proud that he isn’t puffing a pack a day, which is what the state of the union can seem to drive you toward, if not a strait jacket.  So, again I ask the question…why do we care?  I would hope that people who have something to say are talking because they are concerned about the health and wellness of our President.  Sadly, I don’t think that is the answer.  I think people look at President Obama as one who has failed them because he hasn’t seemed to keep his “promise” of kicking the nicotine habit.  But, let’s keep it real.  How easy is it for people to stop overeating, drinking, watching porn, cursing, snorting, sexing…name it.  It isn’t easy to break the cycle of bad habit.  Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will a habit be broken in one.  Sheesh!

I remember seeing a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a cigarette in hand. I damn near lost my mind, “What?!  How could he…” I gasped.  I mean come on, these people are not deity.  They are men of influence who have the world on their shoulders, literally.  Dr. King had a body of people looking at him day in and day out wondering what he was going to do to make sure that they didn’t get hosed down anymore.  President Obama has a nation wondering IF we are going to have a better health care system, IF we are going to end the war, IF we are going to get out of this recession depression, IF, IF, IF…shucks!  One of the articles I read credited him for not giving in to the vices of his predecessors – Clinton and Kennedy *clearing my throat* (Monica &  Marilyn).  Yeah…maybe we should be glad that smoking is all there is for him.  Father – help him…help our President.  Help him fight his addiction.

Side note: How in the world would a President have enough time to be affairing it up?  Isn’t there more than enough work to keep you busy, along with a “family” waiting in the other wings.  Shucks!  Pull it together. (I digressed).

Written by Ingrid Michelle of Elev8.com

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