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My five year old son, Joshua told me not so long ago that my butt was too big.  I was in total denial about my weight up until that moment.

I didn’t chastise him for using the word butt instead of bottom.  I actually burst out laughing.  But then I stopped laughing and took a long hard look in the mirror.  And guess what?  My five year old was absolutely right.

Let’s keep it real.  I used to say it was baby fat from having a baby.  Heck, Josh is five years old now!  A’int that much baby fat in the world!  It’s bad English but you get the point.  I also had knee surgery in November of last year  Now that’s a viable excuse right?  WRONG!  The physical therapy I was put through to rehab the knee clearly indicates I can do more than sit at my desk!  So I got off of my big butt and purchased an exercise bike.

This is very humbling because I ran track from like the fifth grade of elementary school all the way through college.  Whenever I go home to Jersey, a few people will be so bold to ask:  “What happened to you?  How did you get so big?”  I always say one word:  Eating.  Is there another way?  I’m working right now on a show called “My Black Is Beautiful”.  We have been doing some research regarding black women and their health.  It’s no surprise to know that a lot of black women don’t work out because we don’t want to mess up our hair.  It may not be a surprise but it is sad.  We are dying of heart disease and diabetes at a higher rate than any other group of women.  Hey but we’ll look cute right?  WRONG!  There’s nothing cute about being out of shape.

Let’s talk about this whole concept of being “thick”.  I’ve had brothers tell me and other women I know that they like ‘em thick like me.  Ur ra ta…here’s a newsflash:  You Are Not Thick.  You Are Fat!  I’ve decided to no longer be fat.  I am not trying to look like these Hollyweird women either.  You know the ones who look like they could really use a sandwich and a bag of Dorritos?  However, I do want to be healthy.  I want to be around for my son.

So I’m professing right here and now that I will continue my three days a week workouts and one day on the weekend.  I’m on a mission.  Yes I’ve read the scripture that says our bodies are temples.  I know that overeating is gluttony.  I get it.  But I won’t lie either and say I will never have another White Castle burger again in life.  I doubt I will turn down my mom’s homemade sweet potato pie the next time she visits southern California or I’m on the east coast.  BUT!  What I will do is not eat three and four slices of pie.  I will not go crazy on the White Castle burgers when I am on the east coast.  Thank sweet peppermint patty Jesus there’s no White Castle here in California!  Chile Please!

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