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“It’s the most basic element on the planet.  It gives life to everything and it’s seemingly plentiful.  But more than a billion people can’t get clean water for cooking, cleaning and bathing.  2.6 billion people don’t have access to adequate sanitation and 2 million children die every year from diseases caused by contaminated water.   It’s a silent crisis that’s holding back human progress…together we must make water a human right, cause we all need water for life.”

Jay Z

Sometimes I think the things that matter most conveniently get swept under the rug only to resurface when it begins to affect OUR precious country.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to throw around some anti-American propaganda, but there is obviously something wrong when countries like Africa are suffering the amount of deaths each year due to the lack of something as simple as water.  I don’t understand that.  The earth is surrounded around 75% water.  How difficult is it to provide H2O to our brothers and sisters in other countries who need some of it in order to survive?  Granted, people like Jay Z in conjunction with Unicef are on a mission to help provide water for life for those in need but what are YOU going to do?  What are WE going to do to help make a difference?

The most incredible thing about this MTV documentary “Diary of Jay Z – Water For Life” is that many people saw this in 2006 and did nothing ~ like myself.  Many of us sat around, watching Jay Z pillage through the small African communities and admired his courage from afar but did nothing to join in the efforts.  We turned off the television and within minutes we forgot about the plight in Africa because we were able to head straight to the kitchen (a few feet away), press crushed or cubed and get a tall galls of water.  There was no long drawn out pathway, no sewage piles, no loads to carry…we simple got/get up,pour and sip.  But I contend that there is something that we can do.  If you notice, it isn’t difficult for disease to spread with the exposed raw foods right on the heels of sewage and basic play activities intermingling with that same waste.

In my digging around, I learned that Monday March 22, 2010 is “World Water Day.” The World Water Day 2010 and its campaign is envisaged to:

  • Raise awareness about sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being through addressing the increasing water quality challenges in water management and
  • Raise the profile of water quality by encouraging governments, organizations, communities, and individuals around the world to actively engage in proactively addressing water quality e.g. in pollution prevention, clean up and restoration.

I encourage us all to get involved with this effort somehow because as Jay Z said, we all need, “Water for life.”   And let’s not do it because Jay Z is involved but because we really want to see our people live quality lives.  After all, Africa IS the motherland.  She is where civilization began.  We were once a precious land and now she is riddled with sickness, disease and death.  Help the motherland survive. She needs us.

Written by Ingrid Michelle for Elev8.com

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