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Can you rel8 to this?

Have you ever been around someone that had incredibly bad breath…everyone knew it and no one said anything–to them?

Or what about that person who is talking to you with a booger in their nose and you say nothing–to them?

This discussion isn’t so much about the halitosis or the lone green warrior as much as it is about honesty–“Keeping it 100” as they say?  This is a time to share about how not everything is about you.

Let’s explore a few whack reasons people may give for not saying anything to the person:

  1. I’m scared they may not receive it
  2. What if I offer a solution and they don’t get the hint
  3. It’s not my problem
  4. Somebody else will tell them
  5. I don’t really know them–like that

Here’s the deal, if it were you, would you want someone to tell YOU?  Of course you would.  I mean, have you ever discovered you WERE that person after engaging in crowds of people and wondered, ‘why didn’t anybody say anything?’  Just think about how that may have made you feel.

I come from the, ‘So what it’s uncomfortable for you,” school of thought.  Who cares!  If I can save a fellow friend, co-worker or stranger from sheer embarrassment, why not tell them.  At the end of the day, it really has nothing to do with me.  I’m really trying to figure out why it is so hard for individuals to be honest.  What would you have to lose by telling me that a piece of gum could help or sliding me a piece of tissue.  I’ve been in the situation with both scenarios and it isn’t comfortable–in the least.  At the time, all kinds of things were running through my head.  But guess what?  It wasn’t about me.  It was about the person that was in front of me and a problem that they were obviously unaware.  I mean, I used to tap on the side of the nostril that the little green monster was dangling but I’ve since learn a lot more discretion with embarrassing the other party.

Oh yeah…what about the old, “Your zipper is down?”  I know many who will let that one slide for fear of seeming like a pervert.  I don’t care.  Tell me.  I wouldn’t want to be walking around with my favorite jeans, thinking I’m cute with an air conditioner flirting with the wind.  I’m just saying.

This was random…but it was something on my mind.  Don’t leave people hanging ya’ll.  Be honest with one another.  I come from the school of thought that we have a moral obligation to be there for one another in times like these and greater.  “I am my brothers/sisters keeper,” (New Jack City).

President Barack Obama: An interesting look at keeping it real through, “A Perfect Union.”  Out of many…we are truly one.

Written by Ingrid Michelle

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