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Hey Ladies, are your breasts hitting the floor when you take your bra off?  When you bend over, are they in your way?  Do they look like sagging water balloons that just hang.  Do you wish they were back the way they were when you were 20?  Do you look at your kids and think….you…you did this to me?  LOL  Ok, ok, you are not alone.  You can work on your core and at the same time do exercises to help your sagging breasts.

The breasts are highly composed of fat, ducts, glands and connective tissue. Over the course of time, they can become lax and start to sag. This is mainly due to the aging process and it generally begins some time after turning 40. If you are currently experiencing sagging breasts, there are several exercises you can do to lift them. Muscle beneath the breasts can be strengthened to offer you support.

Step 1

Utilize the weight of your body to do push ups. We all can do a few push ups.  You can do the ones on your knees or if you are strong enough, do them the manly way!  Do 10 reps of 10 starting out.

Step 2

Adjust a bench to 45 degrees to do incline presses.. Lie on the bench and hold dumbbells straight above you with your palms facing forward and the weights an inch apart. Slowly lower the weights down to your sides by bending your elbows. Stop when your upper arms are parallel to the floor and push them back to the starting position. Repeat for a series of reps.

Step 3

Hook your lower shins under the padded support on a decline bench to target your lower chest muscles. Hold the dumbbells above your head with your palms facing forward and the weights an inch apart. Lower the dumbbells down until they are by your rib cage and your elbows are bent 90 degrees. Push them back to the starting position and repeat.

Step 4

Lie on a flat bench to do dumb bell flys. Extend your arms above your body and hold the dumbbells an inch apart with your palms facing each other. Slightly bend your elbows and maintain that bend as you lower the weights down to your sides. Stop when the weights are even with your shoulders and push them back up. Repeat for a series of reps.

Always work your core for strength and a great ab workout to enhance your breasts and to look good in a tank top! These exercises go hand in hand, a great ab and chest.

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