Hope Is One of The Most Powerful Weapons You Have

Hope is a word that can be over used and yet not used enough. When I think of all the words I could say that represents what keeps a person wanting to live nothing is more powerful than the word hope. When we really think about it the only reason you and I are here today is because our mom and dad at some point in their life hope to find love, a family, and maybe even to have a beautiful child just like you. Life has a way of bring so much discouragement through different problems and issues that we sometimes want to just give up. Have you ever asked yourself how did I make it through those tough exams back in college or how did I make it through a training session for a job or a giving sport? Well rather you knew it or not something called hope was down on the inside somewhere giving you the necessary energy to keep going another day. Yes it may be hard to believe that many great things in life all evolved on such a simple yet powerful word?

Hope by definition means a confident expectation based on something solid. Hope also means that something is “possible” based on sure knowledge or statics. If you are older than your teen years I am sure you know what it is to hope for something and it not come to pass. Because of our past experience hope then becomes harder to obtain the second time around but it can be done.  Many times in the past we may have had our hope in people or in things but this time around we have to remember that our hope has to be based on God’s word and His principles. We can’t place hope in things that are temporary and may change at any minute because this causes us to lose hope for future gain. Many people don’t have hope today because of bad memories of yesterday.  This one fact you should know and that is the fact that it’s in your past means it’s behind you and not in front of you.

You can find or rebuild your hope through many methods. Sometimes it may just be the smile of a child or a new baby being born into the family. Your hope can also be built by taking in new information or knowledge about a given circumstance. What you don’t know can hurt you and will definitely destroy your ability to have hope. People that quit are people that constantly hold on to past defeats and setbacks, but people who stay with it are people who see each event as an experience in life that they can say I made it through. So no matter how you chop it up it’s so important to let go of what you use to be and embrace what can be. Our current president ignited an entire country that was discouraged and frustrated on this one word. It is because of hope that Jesus himself died on the cross for our salvation. It was hope that caused many of our ancestors traveling near and far in deadly situations to continue the journey to freedom and a better life.  It was hope that caused one Jewish man to survive the holocaust holding on to see his wife and child even though they were both dead.  Don’t be dismayed today hold your head up and grab a hold of this simple thing called hope and you too will make it.

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