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Please don’t take this topic lightly, there are many ways you can fight belly fat before it is too late, let’s get really real!

As women age, fat is more likely to build around the midsection, rather than the hips and thighs. Too much belly fat can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Now an important new study links belly fat to early death. Researchers followed about 360,000 Europeans enrolled in one of the largest, longest health studies in the world. They found that people with the most belly fat had about double the risk of dying prematurely as people with the least amount of belly fat. Death risk increased with waist circumference, whether the participants were  overweight or not.

Here is the study:

  • Men and women with the largest waists (more than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women) had roughly double the risk of premature death as men and women with the smallest waists (less than 34 inches for men and 28 for women).
  • Each 2-inch increase in waist circumference was associated with close to a 17% increase in mortality in men and a 13% increase in women.
  • Waist to hip ratio also strongly predicted mortality.

The most important result of the study is the finding that not just being overweight, but also the distribution of body fat, affects the risk of premature death.

Since visceral fat is buried deep in your abdomen, it may seem like a difficult target for spot reduction. As it turns out, visceral fat responds well to a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. Fortunately, there are simple ways to fight belly fat. Besides, there’s a growing body of research showing that the fastest way to burn off the fat from your belly is with a combination of weight training and aerobic exercise.

  • Move it to lose it. Any type of activity will help fight the bulge. By getting your heart rate up, you’re helping your metabolism burn excess fat around your midsection.

Some evidence for this comes from a six-month study of thirty obese women. They were assigned to one of three groups: a control group, an aerobic exercise group and a combined exercise group. The aerobic group did one hour of cardiovascular exercise (60-70% maximum heart rate) six days a week. The combined exercise program involved weight training (3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and aerobic exercise (3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

We will discuss more on belly fat and how to lose it tomorrow.  Share your concern on this issue.

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