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Teething rings, pacifiers, Mylicon drops: When your baby is difficult and cranky, there are plenty of tools at your disposal to set things right. But what can you do when the grown-ups in your life act like uncooperative, whiny children? No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a pacifier big enough to hush your difficult mother-in-law or cranky hubby.A new father may leave all the work to the mother because he genuinely is clueless about parenting.

How Many Kids Do You Want? Why?

These repair jobs require tools of a different kind: communication and diplomacy. Here are three simple steps from parenting.com, to better relationships with the people in your life who need a little fix-it job. Get these folks working with you instead of against you, and then you can focus your attention on the person who needs it most: your baby.

Sharing Black History With Your Children

Hands-off hubby

The problem: He intentionally avoids doing his share of the babycare and acts totally clueless (“I just can’t make that Diaper Genie work!”) in an apparent effort to force you to do everything.

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