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Starbucks in on almost every corner.  It has become the McDonald’s of the coffee industry.  People flock into these shops relentlessly day in and day out in order to get a fresh cup of java, read the daily news and check their email while conducting business in the fragrantly filled shack.  Many people can’t live without it.  There is something slightly addicting to the bean–although some would refute me on that fact.  But…what if there were some serious health benefits to drinking coffee? What if drinking a cup a day could actually prevent you from getting sick with one of the most invasive diseases known to man, cancer.  Now…I am not a doctor, so I’m not here to tell you that coffee will cure cancer.  But there is some information that I was able to research to support the fact that it may be helpful.

According  to Positively Coffee, “A great deal is written on diet and all forms of cancer, and research indicates that we may be able to prevent about 35% of cancer cases by making changes to our diet and lifestyle. Each year 10.9 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. There are 6.7 million deaths from the disease and of these; nearly one million are in the EU. (Ferlay et al. 2002) A significant amount of research has been conducted in the field of diet and cancer over many years and some of these findings relate to coffee consumption.

In 1991 the International Agency Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization, classified coffee as being “possibly carcinogenic to bladder cancer.” This classification was given because there was insufficient data available at the time to be more specific. (IARC Monographs. 1991) However, the report also stated that drinking coffee may even help to protect against some forms of cancer. This resulted in many further studies being undertaken.

Coffee is a widely consumed beverage worldwide and a growing body of scientific research indicates that coffee consumption does not have a harmful effect in relation to risk of cancer and there is substantial research pointing to its favorable influence on risk of some cancers. (Nkondjock 2009).

Further studies indicate that drinking coffee may be beneficial when it comes to various forms of cancer like: bowel, liver, pancreatic and even ovarian.

So…what are we saying here?  Are we saying to start drinking coffee so that you don’t get sick with cancer? Absolutely NOT!  If you have never had it, it just might be one of the most disgusting things you’ve ever tasted.  But what I am saying is, there are benefits to many of the things that we eat and drink and coffee may not be too far on the totem pole of beneficial beverages.

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