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Active individuals require more calories than less active ones to maintain their weight.  Additionally, physical activity tends to decrease appetite in obese individuals while increasing the body’s ability to preferentially metabolize fat as an energy source. Much of the increase in obesity in the last 20 years is thought to have resulted from the decreased level of daily physical activity.

Is Your Sex Drive In Park?  Are you or your spouse losing interest in sex? A variety of physiological and psychological factors can impact your libido.

Sex Drive Killer: Body Image

It’s hard to feel sexy if your self-esteem suffers from poor body image. For example, feeling ashamed of being too heavy (even if you’re not) will douse your love light. If your husband or wife  has these feelings, it can really help to reassure him or her that you still find him/her sexy. And there’s a flip side to the equation: Working out not only enhances your self-esteem, but also ups your sex drive.

Sex-Drive Killer: Obesity

Being overweight or obese is linked to a lack of sexual enjoyment, desire, and difficulties with sexual performance. The reason isn’t clear, but may be linked to self-esteem, unsatisfactory relationships, social stigma, and other psychological issues.

Sex-Drive Killer: Stress

You may be the kind of person who does many things well when under stress. But feeling sexy isn’t likely to be one of them. Job stress, money troubles, caring for a sick family member, and other stressors can decrease libido. To keep your stress levels in check, learn helpful stress management techniques or seek the advice of a counselor or doctor.

Let me hear from you, what are some other sex drive killers?  Post your thoughts.

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