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I’m raising a young son.  He’s five years old.  It is my hope and my determination that he grows up to be a responsible young man.  I’m teaching him early and often that there are consequences in life, whether good or bad.  However, I’m starting to wonder is that always true? 

What are the consequences for walking down the street in your own neighborhood, simply trying to visit your grandmother?  Apparently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it’s a good old-fashioned beat down.  Oh and it’s even more so if you’re an honor student and a gifted violinist.  Check out this video:

Jordan Miles thought he was going to die at the hands of three police.  They found no drugs, money nor weapon on him.  Even though they identified themselves as police officers, does that justify the sort of beating this young honor student took?  I’m more outraged that the police officers that did this are going to continue to be on the streets in uniform as opposed to the plain-clothes duty they once had.  That’s their punishment for darn near beating to death an honor student and gifted violinist?

Are you outraged?  Do you think because Jordan Miles ran when he saw the police who were in plain clothes that he somehow deserved what he got?  Chile Please!

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