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“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it,” Proverbs 22:6

You know…Facebook is an awesome tool.  To have a place where you are able to reconnect with people that you haven’t seen in years is such a wonderful thing.  It’s a surprise even, especially with those you’ve wondered about.  Anywho…the other night, I was minding my own business and I saw the request of a friend, someone I knew years ago from ministry days.  Long story short, he and I conversed a little bit via “instant chat,” and I filled him in with the details of my life.  He was a little curious that I wasn’t using my married last name and asked what happened.  After sharing with him the discovery of my then husbands double life as a homosexual and pedophile, his only response was, “I’m not sure if I’m surprised.”  To make a long story short, he asked me how I was marketing my book and decreed that I needed to use my voice to speak to the masses.  Yes!  I already knew that but when he began rattling off suggestive ideas, I was blown away.  I won’t spoil what I anticipate is forthcoming but he then invited me to speak to a group of young people at a local church.  My first reaction was, “Well…”  I could feel the himming and hawing mustering it’s head.  I had been there many times before so I immediately arrested it.  So without much thought I typed, “I’ll be there.”   He gave me the address and I prepared to make the short trek the next day.

When I arrived at the church, the crowd was a little thin and there were young people sprinkled throughout the room.  I bowed my head to hear from the Lord the direction I was to go.  It became clearer once the service started.  After the praise dance, I rose to my feet and headed to the podium.  The room was completely full, I was slightly nervous but I knew my purpose.  See…as I had watched those young people minister in the dance, it became clear what they were doing.  They were creating a foundation for themselves.  With their flailing arms and synchronized feet and heads, they were worshiping…establishing a platform for the rest of their natural lives on which they would build when troubled waters come their way.  I told them so.  I told them that just as I had, they were going to face adversity.  It’s inevitable.  Life comes in many colors and we can’t avoid the lines becoming blurred at times.  Sometimes they are so distorted we really can’t find our way.  But because these young people were praising and worshiping the God of this Universe, because they were diving into His word, because their parents were and have been training them up, when they are older and are facing adversities that look unmanageable, they can always lean on what they have come to know as truth and that is Jesus.  I admitted, there were dark days for me.  There were.  There were days that I didn’t want to be bothered with life, motherhood, work or anything else that mattered.  But…because of the foundation that I had created for myself…I made it through.  Before my world got rocked, I was a worshiper.  I studied the Word of God viciously.  I was ravenous with it.  I woke up at 5AM to pray and talk to the Lord.  I kept volumes in journals.  I dreamed dreams and waited for God to show me the interpretations.  I was in church religiously.  I tithed my time and monetarily (as often as I could).  I gave myself sacrificially to the body as a servant.  I was a hearer and doer.  I was by all accounts…equipped.  So…when my world got turned upside down, all that I had stored, all that I had been trained with was able to sustain me.  I was able to live because of the life source of God’s Word and promise, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  I was able to make it because of all that training.

So I ask…are we training our children in the ways that they should go?  Are we preparing them for things to come OR are we assuming that they have a while before they are dealt a hand that will cause their faith to waiver?  Listen…we must be good stewards over our children.  We never know when disaster of any kind is going to strike and our children need to know what to tap into in order to receive power.  If they never see you pray, if they never see you worship, if they never see you read the Bible, that is the foundation that you are laying for them.  And when troubled waters rise and they don’t respond in the manner in which you’d hope, you can’t blame anyone but yourself because our charge is to train them.  Just saying…

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