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I’m the only girl and the youngest child with four older brothers.  My mother made sure we had chores, did our homework, and participated in after school activities, like sports and Youth and Government.

My brothers and I were not allowed to be lazy.  We even had summer jobs and sometimes part-time jobs during the school year.

I’ve been watching “Fantasia For Real” on VH-1.  Last week I wrote a review for the show:  Reality Show Review:  “Fantasia For Real”.  Fantasia’s brother “Teeny” seems to lack a sense of reality.  More importantly he seems to be down right lazy.  He wants his sister to support his lifestyle while he test drives sports cars, takes his girlfriend out, and sleeps all day.  I will share that I just signed my final divorce papers roughly a week ago.  Just so know where I’m coming from.

It’s Time To Step Up And Be A Man

It is no fun as a woman being the sole provider for the entire family.  It’s trying.  It’s draining.  It’s out of order.  On my drive to and from work, I often see young Latino men on the corners selling fruit, flowers or even toys.  I see them at Home Depot, waiting for someone to ask them to come and fix something in need of repair, paint, put up some dry wall, or even mow the lawn.  When I go through the drive thru at just about any fast food restaurant (not that I’m eating out like that every day), I often see them behind the register.  I have asked myself (especially in this economy) where are the black men?  Are they too good for these jobs?

Recently, I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for black post -production supervisors and post- production coordinators for a television show.  I reached out in particular to a black man, whom I know to be out of work.  I know that he has done the job as a post -production coordinator in the past.  I said, I need your resume ASAP to give to the Post Manager.  He responded, “Absolutely!”  Folks, that was last Friday.  Today is Wednesday.  I still have not received is resume!  I have not called him back.  I can only guess what the excuses will be.

OPINION:  Swagger Is The Black Man’s Hallmark

Let me tell you point blank what laziness is.  It’s making excuses instead of making things happen.  If you have NO JOB at all, why are you too good for a retail job, fast food job, or even a entry level clerical job?  And for all of the black men out there who are entrepreneurs, I applaud you…Only if you’re not just throwing money at hair-brained schemes and get-rich-quick ideas.  Only if you’ve done your research, sought counsel and won’t financially rape the household you’re in to “try out” your idea.

It grieves me that so many black men are still expecting someone, namely women to take care of them, and support them all of the time.  Let me be clear…being a supportive woman in a man’s life does not mean we have to go along with every single thing you come up with.  I remember when a man I know, who had a family wanted to start a fish market.  The following week he wanted to open a soul food restaurant.  Oh and then there was the time he wanted a courier service.  It’s great to be enterprising.  To have the mindset of being in charge of your own financial destiny.  But it’s foolish and down right lazy if you do not do your homework.  It’s even worse if you are not passionate about what you’re trying to accomplish.  If you’re only doing it for money, then get any job until you can find your niche, so that your wife doesn’t burn out and your children don’t starve.  Chile Please!