Some may be aware and some are not, but I produce “unscripted” television – yes, reality, talk, game, court and variety genre television.

To be honest I love what I do.  I have worked on some of the craziest shows, some of the most popular and some of the most embarrassing.  I think it would be somewhat rude if I didn’t discuss a new show on VH-1;  “Fantasia For Real.”

After learning Fantasia’s story of rape, abuse and an all around hard knock life growing up, I, like many people rooted for her to win her season of American Idol.  I don’t consider myself a “fan” per se.  I do, however, enjoy some of Fantasia’s music.  And I find her interesting enough that I stopped and paid attention while channel surfing last night.  So let’s get to it.  If you’ve seen the show, Fantasia starts off by telling the viewers how she’s tired of supporting an entire household of six people, one of which is her adult brother, Joe, aka Teeny.

Now that doesn’t sound all bad that she would want to financially help her family.  But “Teeny” needs Jesus and a role model.  In the first episode, he decides he doesn’t need a job because he’s a recording engineer and he’s going to convert Fantasia’s pool house into a recording studio.  But before he started knocking out walls and tearing up expensive floors, he has a come to Jesus meeting with Aunt Bunny.  Aunt Bunny told Teeny that he needs some ‘schoolin’.  I kid you not.  By this point, I’m out done and floored.  What strikes me more is the fact that education seems to be non-essential in this family.

How is it that both Fantasia and her brother were both allowed to drop out of school and like not return?  Ur ra ta…I’m just saying, if you were my mother’s child, graduating high school was not an option…it was a must. Heaven forbid my four brothers and I decided we were just gonna call it quits!  Jesus be a fence is all I can say.  While Teeny is writing checks with Fantasia’s money, Fantasia is busy trying to complete her latest album.

The episode ends with a tease that seems to reveal Teeny packing his bags and moving out.  It also shows an argument between Fantasia and Teeny, who screams at her that she’s changed ever since she won American Idol.   This is the same man (I use that word loosely here) who went out to test drive a Ferrari, yet he has no job and admitted he has no driver’s license.  Yet, Fantasia is the one who’s changed?  Chile Please!


Entertaining:     B –

Funny:                 B

Casting:               C+

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