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Welcome to 2010 where ever you may be! It seems like just yesterday when the news was reporting the possibility of computers not working and the stock market crashing, but here we are 10 years later and it’s already time to close one decade and start another. You can think of many things I’m sure to be upset about as well as to be happy about but one thing is sure if you are reading this article you made it.  Maybe you have more money or less money then what you had when we first walked into year 2000 either way you are here and that says a lot about the assignment on your life and what you have to do this year to get those powerful things done.  Remember that every challenging situation you find yourself in can become a possible set up for something greater.  With that said I want to bring your attention to a familiar story about Jesus using a bad business day for Peter and his crew as a teachable moment and a life changing lesson. Don’t look now but your bad situation just may be a set up for greatness.

After Peter and the fishermen had been fishing all night Luke records that they caught absolutely nothing. When they began to dock Jesus had already been at the dock with a crowd beginning to gather around him. It’s at this point that he chooses to use one of the boats to teach from bringing probably un-wanted attention to Peter and his team after having such a miserable day working hard with no results. So here are four things I want you to consider from this particular story found in Luke chapter five:

  1. God will use your situation for His glory before giving you the glory. When the story starts off Jesus decides to teach from an empty boat that has made no business whatsoever. You may be in a situation that will not profit you anything and it can very well be a teachable place for the advancement of God’s glory.
  2. You’ve got to launch out into the deep even after you’ve tried many times. The first thing Jesus commanded them to do was to go back out into the deep. Many times after we’ve worked so hard with no results we want to just throw in the towel but sometimes you have to go back out there again and step out on faith for the finale try that will many times bring you the results you are looking for.
  3. Move at God’s word even when you feel like you have already done all that you can do on your own. Remember Peter said, we’ve been at all night but at “your word” we will one more time let down our nets and when he did they caught so much fish their boats couldn’t hold all of their catch.
  4. Expect great things when great challenges are before you. Anytime Jesus shows up remember great things happen. As long as you are trusting in God with faith in Jesus you are in a position for greatness.

This year there is going to be one set up after the other that may render great results if you are open to it. Remember it’s never over until God says it’s over and all things are possible to those that believe.

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