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black entrepenuers

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a business anointing service on New Year’s day. The service was held at The Ark of Salvation church in Atlanta, Georgia. I share this with you because the Pastor that facilitated the service was Nathanial Bronner of the Bronner Brothers dynasty. The purpose of the service was to transfer a business anointing to entrepreneurs in the same spirit in which  the anointing was transferred from Elijah to Elisha. (1 Kings 19:15-19)


Members of the Bronner family participated  in the service, that currently serve on the Board of Directorsof Bronner Bros Enterprise:

Bernard Bronner- President

Charles Bronner- VP of Finance

James Bronner- VP of IT

Nathanial Bronner-VP of Manufacturing

Robbie Bronner- Wife of Bronner Brothers founder and Mother to the 2nd generation of Bronners

In his sovereignty, God had each of these individuals pray for the various entrepreneurs and Mrs. Robbie Bronner, prayed for the spouse of business owners, covering every aspect of the business. The Bronner family hails from four generation of entrepreneurs; because of the faithfulness and foundation that was initially set; the current 2nd and 3rd generation is able to carry the torch of this 60 year old enterprise, which was established by their forefathers.  The service not only reminded me, but showed me the true meaning of the scripture- that we are to leave an inheritance to our childrens children. (Proverbs 22:13)

2009 was a rough year for so many. Many lost homes, jobs, money, family, etc. It was a devastating time for America, everything that could fall, did. Lessons were learned, hard lessons but by the end of the year we were wiser and stronger. According to the news reports 2010 doesn’t look much better. This is a time where we must walk in our authority and take control over our  own destiny. For to long we have settled to work for someone else, retire and live out the rest of our days. We were created for much more than that and if the hardships of 2009 didn’t teach us anything, they taught us not to depend on another man’s resources for what we need. We have to create our own wealth.

We have to make up in our minds that we will be successful in 2010. We are survivors. As a people we have been here before: hard times, little money, unemployment we know it all to well; but we also know tenacity, hard work and survival. We come from strong stock that made lemonade out of lemons, collard greens out of leaves and leftover pig intestines into a delicacy- aka chitterlings.

This is a time like never before to pull on the stock that we come from and turn this crisis around. Tap into that entrepreneurial or creative spirit within. Utilize your God given gifts and talents to create new and exciting opportunities not just for yourself but your bloodline.  There is so much greatness in you. Use it!

Live Again! Dream Again! Begin AGAIN!

“With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”  ( Mark 10:27)

Remember  we really do  WIN!

God Bless you,


For more information:

Business Anointing Service: www.thebusinessanointing.com

Bronner Bros: www.bronnerbros.com

Written by: Judi Mason for www.elev8.com

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