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Have you ever found that the people most guilty of unruly behavior at work are also the ones who are most oblivious to their behavior?

Take Fred, for example. Fred is the guy who asks you to “help” him with a big presentation (aka, you do the whole thing). But when Fred is congratulated on a job well done, he takes full credit for the work you did.

Or, look at Susan. Susan talks to you for hours on end about herself — her family, friends, work and play — but never does she ask about what’s happening in your world.

And we can’t forget about George, who may as well come with a warning label that reads “Dangerous When Angered.” One wrong word, question, criticism or opinion and he blows his lid.

All of these people are examples of toxic personalities, which are showing up in the workplace now more than ever.

“During economic downturns, the ‘shadow’ side of our personalities can bring out the worst in people,” say Dr. Mitchell Kusy and Dr. Elizabeth Holloway, authors of “Toxic Workplace! Managing Toxic Personalities and their Systems of Power.”

Toxicity spreads like a nasty virus

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