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The ’80s are back!

Okay, not exactly… You won’t rush home to watch The A Team or Miami Vice. You won’t stop at the nearest payphone to call the person that just paged you. And, thank goodness, you won’t need activator to keep your Jheri Curl moist. But you will enjoy the revival of 80’s fashion.

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Eighties redux is one of the hottest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2017. I’m not talking about 80s influenced fashion either. Designers have fully committed with everything from sequins and shoulder pads to stonewash and neon colors.

I’m excited because the 80s is one of my favorite eras of fashion. It was fun and free. It doesn’t get much more fun than this vintage jumpsuit with sequin detail around the empire waist. I contrasted the royal electric blue with red and white vintage clip-on earrings.

Keeping with the 80s theme, I added my black Valentino sunnies (starting at $290) from their Rockstud collection—a modern and more upscale play on the spikes and studs worn on accessories back in the day.

I finished off the look with my tribute to Carrie Bradshaw. For many reasons, I feel like the black version of that character from Sex And The City – including her love for 80s fashion. The SJP Wittman’s by Sarah Jessica Parker scream 80s.

Enjoy 80s redux but be sure to balance your look with one or two modern pieces to avoid looking like you’re playing dress up or wearing a costume.

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PHOTO SOURCE: Rodney Choice / April Watts

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