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From John Lundberg at the HuffingtonPost.com:

The Obama administration will pass the 100 day mark this week, and you Obamaphiles out there that don’t want to let go of the early, heady times might be interested in Starting Today: Poems for the First 100 Days, a poetic embodiment of the beginning of Obama’s presidency. The site is chock-full of great poets, even attracting some big names like Mark Doty, David Lehman and Fanny Howe (who we featured here just last week).

Starting Today is organized by Arielle Greenberg and Rachel Zucker, two poets who, after mulling the project over for a while, were finally convinced to give it a go by Obama’s choice of the well-respected Elizabeth Alexander as inaugural poet. Greenberg told the website Village Soup, “This administration knows what it’s doing, about poetry even.” The two featured Alexander’s Inaugural poem “Praise Song for the Day” on day one of the new administration. They asked friends and colleagues to fill the other 99 days, giving them some simple guidelines: “to write poems that respond, however loosely, to the presidency, the nation, the government or the current political climate.”

Not surprisingly, most of the poems focus on Obama and see him in a positive light.

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