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A woman in Florida decided to hurry the “til death do us part” of her weddings vows.  Dalia Dippolito, 26 years old was married to her husband, Mike, for six whopping months before she decided,”Well this has been real, but I think I’ll go ahead and hire a hit man to end this marriage before the good times last too long!”

I’m a late night TV watcher.  I like to catch stories on CNN and MSNBC.  So I’m up late a few nights ago watching Nancy Grace and the story is about this woman Dalia.  Now the thing that makes this a hot mess is not only did she try to” off” her husband, but the entire thing is on tape!  Yes, video tape.  But what makes this story even more outrageous is Dalia didn’t realize the hit man she thought she hired was actually an undercover detective who got wind of her plot via the streets!

The hit man (undercover detective) agreed to go into the family home that Dalia shared with her husband and kill him and make it look like a robbery, while Dalia was conveniently at the gym.  The police then staged a crime scene, complete with yellow tape and plenty of onlookers and police officers.  When Dalia came home from her work out at the local gym here’s what happened next:

Someone should give that girl an Academy Award for that crying performance.  But my absolute favorite part is when the jig was up!  The police inform Dalia at the police station that she can cut the act now because the hit man she thought she hired was actually an undercover police officer and that she’s going to jail for the solicitation of first degree murder.  But Dalia stayed in character and refused to admit that she actually tried to have her husband of only six months killed.  My girl Dalia continued to deny deny deny!  Check out the video:

The officer interviewing Dalia was so annoyed with her that it made me laugh out loud for real when he told her she’s going to jail and she kept denying it.  I have been asking over and over again why do people behave this way?  What makes someone want to do something so foul?  The reports are that Dalia wanted to kill her husband so that she can have the townhome they shared all to herself.  Seriously, all of this for a townhome?  When the police officer revealed to her that her husband was actually alive and well, Dalia took her acting abilities to a new level, screaming “Mike, come here” as if she could just explain and this would all go away.  Chile Please!

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