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Ten Things You Want To Leave Behind in 2009

I am not ashamed to say it but I am waving good-bye to 2009. I think we can all agree that this year was filled with much joy and pain and has left us physically and spiritually spent. The year began with so much optimism many of us gathered to watch history in the making with the swearing in of the 44th President of the United States. There was the feeling of change and hope in the air. Then economy hit us hard with a tsunami wave wiping out jobs, homes, cars and even our banking accounts forcing many of us to start over or re-prioritize our lives. There were even iconic scandals (financial and celebrity) and even iconic deaths (Michael Jackson) that seemed to flow like a domino chain. These experiences have left many of us emotionally drain because if we were not in the direct line of fire we know someone that had been. The events and the experiences of 2009 were no respecter of person.

I am looking forward to 2010 because it starts a new chapter, a new decade in our lives. While last year left many heartaches and bruises I learned may lessons that I might not otherwise have seen about myself and others. I am thinking that might be the case for you as well. I decided that in 2010 I am going to lighten my load as I start the next leg of my journey. There are some things that I am not doing or saying, some people I am cutting ties with and some people I am bring along with me. I am going to see new things and going to stop going to some places, I decided that I need to change my direction or perspective in some cases and really challenge myself to step up my game and develop deeper relationships. This year it is all about going deeper and taking shorter steps which means I need to lighten my load.

Here are ten things that I recommend you stop doing and leave behind in 2009:

1.  Stop spending money on things that do not build or create wealth: The days of conspicuous consumption are over. If you do not absolutely need it (food and shelter) do not buy anything in haste or because you want it. Practice building wealth by making small and simple changes in your life by bringing your lunch to work, or save all your spare change in a money jar and use envelopes to organize your budget cash.

2.  Stop procrastinating and putting things off until tomorrow: Procrastination is a nasty habit that robs you from living in the present  and dealing with what could be done today so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Procrastination can be easily resolve by careful and thoughtful planning. Many of us have gotten into the habit of working on pressure and thinking that our creative juices can only flow that way. To be honest, procrastination robs you of time and money. This is time that you could be spending in the present with family and friends instead of lock up in an office or the nearest Starbucks trying to finish a project or a work assignment. You loose money because the money and resources that you spend just trying to get the project or assignment done in haste forces you to spend money that you could be saving or use elsewhere.

3.  Stop waiting on others to do something: Take action. Let this be the year or the decade that you stop letting opportunities pass you by because of fear of failure or success.

4.  Stop lying to yourself and to others: I hate to be blunt but let this be the year that you stop saying that you’re going to do something, knowing good and well that you are not. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

5.  Stop showing up late: Here is the deal when you are late for an appointment or a causal date with friends you are sending a message that you have no respect them and speaks to how you value their time. Next year show up on time and start the meeting on time. It is possible to make a paradigm shift.

6.  Stop making excuses for ourselves: We tell ourselves what we can’t do all the time almost like a reflect action. The list just keep getting longer every day. For example, I can not get out of debt or save any money I need to borrow money to fix my money problem. When we make excuses we limit our ability to accomplish our dreams and become shortsighted on what God can do in our lives. Remember He can do anything, anything and everything.

7.  Stop playing the victim: This one is my favorites things that we need to stop doing because I think we do it and not even realize that we place the blame on others for our problems. When we play victim we place ourselves in a self imposed prison and we are the ones holding the keys for release. This year release yourself and play the role of winner or survivor. The bottom line shout “Victory” and claim your prize.

8.  Stop making promises that you know you can’t keep and overcommitting yourself: We often think that it is better to tell someone that you can do something and not deliver because if you don’t commit is a sign of weakness. Not true my friend, people begin putting you on the list of people not to depend or trust. I know you think I am exaggerating. Take your own poll and see how your friends think. In 2010, it is better to under promise and over deliver.

9.  Stop being rude: I know we often think that customer service is left in the hands of the retailers. I think over the last 10 years people are ruder and selfish. Think about how many times have been at the stop light in you car and the car behind honks to suggest that you move or better yet you having lunch or dinner with someone and their cell phone rings and they answer or decide to text. If you can identify with any of these. You are rude and I suggest that you leave this behavior behind.

10.  Stop believing everything that you read see or hear: Don’t believe hype. Stop forwarding those e-mails that tell you to forward to 10 friends and you will get your wish granted and stop responding to the Nigerian e-mails request for thousands of dollars. Seek the truth. If you don’t know something ask a professional or trace the source and inquire about the information.

The list above was made from contributions from a poll that I took last week on my Facebook page. I must thank all my friends and family for all of  their  recommendations. When I was reviewing this list I realize that we are more alike than different. The list above is a shortlist of what we need to leave behind in 2009.  Your list is certainly not going to look like mine because our experiences are different. I am here to help you achieve success in the days ahead but will also help you get the most out of stewardship experience in 2010.

It is my desire that you are inspired to be good steward over these three areas of your life: Time, Talent, Treasure. Time, you must learn to manage your time; talent you have skills and gifts and lastly treasure, your finances need to managed appropriately. All of these areas work together, when they are managed properly you will be able to become A BETTER YOU!

Pastor George

Written By Pastor George B. Thompson for Elev8.com

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