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In the rush to do everything we often lose sight of the true beauty of the season. The new book  ‘The Christmas Dance, Celebrate God’s Gift For You‘ is the perfect book to meditate with every day beginning this  Sunday.

If you are heading out on the road  to travel to your family, this is the perfect book to drop into a bag, The Christmas Dance beautifully retells the stories of beloved Bible characters, revealing how they danced with God to usher in the birth of Christ, how they moved with Him on earth, and how God invites each of us to follow His lead into the full purpose for our lives.

Reason 1- The book is an intimate journey.

Each passage is written with a joy and happiness that makes you feel the intimate relationship with God is one not built on slavery but freedom.

Reason 2- It will help you focus on the small miracles.

As you journey through the book, you will discover that the scriptures will lead you to actually pause on the readings. The Bible contains hundreds of accounts about people whose roles demonstrate the differences of being willing or unwilling participants in the story and the dance that are blessed with small miracles. Who can forget Daniel, the interpreter of dreams, who translated difficult instructions written on dance hall walls and later demonstrated how to skillfully two-step among lions with temporarily locked jaws?

Reason 3- The invitation to dance is always present in our lives and the invitation can come at any time.

Regardless of your age or the choices you have made in life, you are always welcome to accept God’s invitation. As He draws you into His story, you may find your heart longing for a deeper relationship and intimate conversation with the One who knows you better than you know yourself.


Reason 4- You are reminded that no matter how you stumble he will still lead you.

He is the divine author who has the ability to create and recreate, to write and rewrite, to sweep you off your feet, and place you into a heavenly dance that goes on throughout eternity.The choice is yours.


I hope you pick it  up. I have started reading it and I am struck  by the joy that my heart was filled with as the words jumped off the page at me.  The book is  144 pages written by Kay Horner  It is worth getting the hard copy because the packaging is beautiful and has empty notes pages in the back. You will be lost in the beautiful words and style.  The book is available now.  It also would be a great gift to read with a friend.


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