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Sarah Jakes

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Sarah Jakes Roberts has spent a good majority of her life in the public eye. She is the daughter of  renowned  author Bishop TD Jakes, so that alone has kept the world’s spotlight on her! Public scrutiny and struggle is no stranger to her. She revealed in 2012 that she chose to end her marriage to Henson after four years because of “multiple infractions” and “safety” concerns. Her  teen pregnancy scandalized the faith community.

Now, the mother of two,who will be celebrating her first year of marriage this fall, is now expecting her first child with a new husband who is famous in his own right. This all started her to put things in prospective.

She wrote on her blog today the following:

My husband is as involved with this pregnancy as humanly possible (cravings and all!).I’ve been in at least 20 cities this year alone speaking to thousands of women across the country. Once I land, I jump right into the trenches of marriage, motherhood, ministry, and whatever else life manages to throw my way, all while watching my ever-expanding midsection struggle to squeeze into clothes that were once too big and attempting to control the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Incidentally, this has made me think six words I never thought would come to mind:

I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian.

She feels for Kim’s scrutiny but has learned a valuable life lesson:

Don’t feel compelled to make your life an open book if you’re not prepared for the discussion that comes along with it. Some things are better left treasured in your heart until you can handle the scrutiny that comes with them being exposed.

You can read here blog in its entirety here. What do you think? Do you agree?

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