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Some will agree some will disagree with the 10 players in this top ten.  Some will disagree with the order in which I have them.  I am basing it on my opinion and what I have observed in the NBA this year.  It is not based upon my favorite team or any other bias.  These players produced in 2009 and their teams would have been different without them.  Here is my list from bottom to the top.

At number 10 I am giving it to Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz.  When he is not on the floor the Jazz appear to be as fish out of water.  Even though his numbers and consistency fall off at times, he is their best player and is one of the best at his position in the league.  Number 9 goes to Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks.  His appearance out of nowhere to lift the Hawks from the basement to the top levels of the eastern conference is undeniable.  They will have a hard time conquering the other beasts in the east no matter how much he produces because his supporting cast is not always available.

The Hornet’s Chris Paul is at number 8. Chris would usually be a higher pick on my list but due to injury and the loss of his coach he has moved down.  The Hornets are an underachieving team when Chris is not on the floor and some of the bone head moves that management of the Hornets has gone with leaves me scratching my head.  Right now people in New Orleans are only paying to see Chris Paul Play.  Number 7 is Kevin Garnett.  His presence on the floor in Boston is a must for them to be a championship team, proven last year by their exit from the playoffs.  When he is healthy so are the Celtics.  His injuries actually moved him down in the list.   At

Number 6 is my surprise player for the top ten, Kevin Durant.  A new city and a commitment to do what it takes to get better at the game land him in my top 10 picks.  His team has improved tremendously and will continue to do so as he learns to play NBA defense and a few pieces are added to his supporting cast.

The top five on my list are players that I feel are the best of the best.  Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets is my pick at number 5.  His creativity and presence on both ends of the floor have him playing up to his potential for the first time I can see in the NBA.  I must take time to give honorable mention to Chauncey Billups who I feel has made him that player because of his leadership and championship experience.  Carmelo has been able to play to his potential because someone else is carrying some of the load for him now.

Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard at number 4 is the best big man in the NBA right now.  He continues to improve on the offensive end of the floor minus the free throw portion of his game.  His ability to close out games and make 70% of his free throws will help him become higher on the board.  A Championship would be a welcome addition too. Though the Miami Heat has struggled since they won their championship, Dwayne Wade at number 3 is an obvious choice. Dwayne has carried the weight of Miami on his shoulders.  This is probably why his body has been breaking down a bit.  No matter what, he gets up and plays again the next night to the best of his ability.  With the right supporting cast Miami could be back on top of the eastern conference again.  Losing him this summer could be the end of many careers in Miami.  The top two players in the NBA many people try to debate their position. Why? I have no Idea.

Lebron James is the number 2 player in the NBA.  He has proven time and time again that he is a force.  Never have I seen a young player come into the NBA as he did and make the type of impact that he has made for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He is a marketing dream and one of the best on both ends of the floor the NBA has to offer.  The Cavalier organization will lose a lot of respect if he is lost to free agency in 2010.

Lebron needs to add an NBA title to his achievements to overtake the only player in the NBA that is a better finisher than Lebron and is the number 1 player on my list of the best players in the NBA for 2009, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Kobe shows up whether sick or hurt every night to try and help his team win.  He covers a multitude of mistakes with his effort on and off the floor.  He has regained his marketing edge by doing the right things and making everyone around him better.  With four NBA titles under his belt Kobe has even been able to keep Ron Artest focused on the finish line. His title as the number one player will not easily be removed.  Kobe has earned his name as the Black Mamba.  The Black Mamba is the most deadly snake in the world and is relentless when it feels threatened or sometimes because you are too close.  Kobe and the Black Mamba are probably the most aggressive in the world at letting their dominance be known.

There are many players in the NBA that have the potential and the skills to make it on a top ten list of players.  In my opinion these payers have been the top at their craft in 2009.  Who knows what 2010 will bring.  Right now this is my NBA Top Ten.

Written By Napoleon for Elev8.com

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