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If you have ever wanted to get paid to write, be published or see your inscription embrace the fabric of nationally recognized recycled paper, I may have an opportunity for you to do so with, “Laughter for the Soul.”

When I was a little girl, I wanted to see my name in lights.  I wasn’t necessarily interested in becoming a celebrity–a movie star is what we called them back then–no, no…I was too shy for that, but I wanted to make an imprint on the world with my writing – that much I knew.  I began drawing at the age of 6.  My first masterpiece, if you will, was Fred Flintstone.  We didn’t have a VCR back in the day (am I dating myself), it was 1976 to be exact, but my brain was able to capture his look and translate it onto paper.  It suddenly became apparent to my mother that there was something in me worth taking a second glance.  A few years later, the age of 9, I discovered my love for the lyrical me.  My teacher, Mrs. Gingold, asked us to write a paper on the movie, “The Holocaust.”  Upon completion, my assessment of that tortuous massacre became more of a short story as it was 16 pages in length on 8.5x 14 stenographic paper.  Mrs. Gingold was astonished.  Before I knew it, I had become the editor of the non-existent school newspaper and quite the envy of many of my classmates.  But I had tasted what it was like to express myself with my hands.  From that moment, I was heralded as the most prolific 4th grader at P.S. 80 in Queens, NY.  And that my friends is what fueled the fire.   My desires didn’t change any as I got older, they just intensified.  They became more and more desperate to share what I had to say with the world.

As an adult, I pursued many publishing companies that sent their courteous, “No’s” in the mail.  After the 30th, I decided that I had two options, either sit back and allow their negatives to define my future OR be proactive and make things happen in spite of.  I chose the latter.  And so here I stand.  I am a published author with several books under my self-publishing wing and with a hunger to help others get their voice into the listening space of the public.

Many of you have tried and have decided NOT to contend with the no’s.  I don’t blame you.  They can do something to the esteem if you let them.  Or…the no’s can be the fuel you need in order to propel you forward to a place where no man can ever shut the door.  So…if you have ever wanted to write, be published and see your name up in lights, I can’t guarantee anything but I can offer you a door to walk into–one that I wish I had been able to knock.  If you are brave enough to enter in, my hand is extended to yours.

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