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Most of us spend a good deal of time watching television over the holiday season.

We watch movies on “On Demand” or pop in a DVD. Here is my pick for quality viewing time for the visitors in your home this week and next. There are also different movies I watch for different reasons.

1-       The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. If you haven’t seen these three movies yet, they should be tops on your list of movies to see.

2-      Miracle on  34th Street. The original is a heartwarming story. You cannot help but smile and think of the kinder days in your childhood.

3-      Deck the Halls. It tells the story of just how competitive we have become with Christmas decorations

4-      The Santa Clause. We all know what it’s like to have to agree to something and we feel unworthy.

5-      The Christmas Shoes. It will make you pay attention to the people in front and around you. You may be able to make someone’s wish come true

6-      This Christmas. It will remind you that you are truly the best gift of year.

7-      The Preacher’s Wife. It tells the story of healing and love’s enduring heart.

8-      The Nativity. It reminds you  of what Christmas is Truly about

9-      The Polar Express. It may be animated but it tells a story of Hope.

10-   A Christmas Story. Surely we all have seen it but you need to watch it again just for the laugh out loud quality of the child and the frozen flag pole.