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The end of the year always calls us to reflect. We here at Elev8 have done our very best to present to you the best news, the most inspiring stories,  and the most compelling insights we could muster – and you responded. Below is a list of the most viewed posts on the site. If any are new to you, or you are new to Elev8, browse through and see what you have found most interesting.

10. Donnie McClurkin Controversy Spreads: Click Here

9. GALLERY: Men And Women Of F8th: Click Here

8. Don’t Get Married Until You Read This: Click Here

7. STUDY: Marriage Eludes High-Achieving Black Women: Click Here

6. Former KKK Leader Ordained In Black Denomination: Click Here

5. The Atlanta Housewives Show Us How Not To Behave: Click Here

4. Grieving Father Rejoices When He Opens Son’s Coffin: Click Here

3. Was ToneX On The DL?!: Click Here

2. Tom Cruise Has A Black Son?

1. Gentlemen, Learn To Look Past The Booty

Enjoy and be blessed Family!

Written by Sheeri Mitchell For Elev8.com

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