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The power of believing cannot be overstated. Believing is our ability to go beyond limits. It is how we un-trap ourselves. You may imprison a body but you cannot imprison a mind that desires to believe in what is not imprisoned. It is here our dilemma lies. What should we believe? The Bible gives us the answer when it states “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

My feeling of entrapment, frustration and powerlessness is self imposed. If I have the key to unlock the door, I cannot blame anyone but myself for my imprisonment. If truth is the key and my believing it is the key turning in the lock, my mission is clear; I will turn the key. I will seek truth, find it, embrace it. By doing this, I am refusing to wait on someone else to do for me what I can do for myself.

Our failure has been in not recognizing truth. Truth requires you to search for it. The search must be more than a scholastic endeavor. It must be a search primarily of your heart. If you seek truth, it can be found.

It is an eternal law that is not limited to time or matter. Truth is spiritual. It is by your spirit that you recognize it and by your mind that you confirm it. Truth cannot lie: it can always be confirmed. Don’t disregard confirmation. Since a lie is about deception, it will wrap itself in enough truth to disguise itself and make you think it is true, but a lie does not have the qualities of truth. You can recognize lies, especially if you shine light on them.

Truth produces life. A lie produces death. Truth unlocks progress while lies imprison. Truth is verifiable while a lie is not. Truth lives forever while a lie lives only as long as a memory can remember it. Truth shines light on darkness while a lie uses darkness as a cover.

The Bible is the number one best-selling book in the universe and for good reason. It is a book that contains truth. Read it for yourself. Search for truth yourself. Open up your heart, which is your spiritual center, and begin a discovery that can change your existence. Do not be afraid to put truth to the test. Get a diary and as you discover truth, list it and test it. However, remember truth is of no value if it is not believed. When it is believed, it has taken up residence within you and has become part of your moral compass – to set you free and keep you free. It will be the most exciting journey of your life and a good place to start the journey is with this truth, “the truth will set you free”

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