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I was watching the Wanda Sykes show the other night and she and her guests were talking about how Tiger Woods’ story will probably stay at the top of the headlines until a more incredible headline trumps his.  That is funny in and of itself.  Ha!  They likened Tiger’s matter to  the death of Michael Jackson and how the goings on surrounding his demise captivated the world in such a way that nothing else mattered–for weeks.  I’m still trying to remember what came along that became more important to the media.  I guess eventually something had to give to the disdain of MJ lovers globally.   Anywho…I recently saw a posting on Facebook from one of my friends regarding Tiger being renamed and I thought…how fitting – a cheetah.  LOL!

It’s pretty ironic the similarities between Tiger and the cheetah.  Not only are the roots of the cheetah from Africa but the cubs mane is such that is able to ward off aggressors.  Well…when Tiger was a little boy, people took notice.  I mean, his skin tone which was clearly brown from his African heritage, which immediately sent his aggressors the other way – but not because he appeared a threat…the complete opposite–until he began to make his mark that is.   Also, cheetah’s and Tiger are both the elite in their class.  While lacking climbing abilities, the cheetah is the fastest land animal with speeds up to 75 mph.  Tiger has become a dominate factor in the world of golf yet he seems to lack the intelligence needed to manage his personal affairs.  I’m not sure if that really qualifies as a comparison, but I’ll reach.   The cheetah also has a unique well structured social order.  The same can be said for Tiger.  He was THE most liked guy in the athletic world.  Everyone wanted a piece of him and because of him, the entire PGA has raised the bar.  I’d say that is something for being, “the man.”  And what’s interesting is, he managed his dozen or more women pretty neatly too–that is until recently when “she” sent a text message.  That was the moment when his “pride” came to an interesting crumble.  Tisk–tisk!  Poor Tiger.

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