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This past January I lost a whopping 28 pounds.  Let me share my story with you.  Weight loss is a sticky subject but it is so viable to our society.  Obesity rates have tripled in the United States today and right now our children are suffering the most.  I used to be a size 3 and weigh 108 before kids and marriage.  I have been married for 10 years and when I began having kids, of course that is when the weight came on.  With each pregnancy I gained 0ver 40 pounds.  I could no longer be comfortable with buying pants with jaw strings or going up in size.  I had to figure out the correct way to lose weight.  I needed to exercise and better yet, I needed to know a simple meal weight loss plan.

I talk about this because we are coming up on another New Year and with that brings New Year resolutions AGAIN.  I decided to stick to mines and get the weight off and the bulge.  I am going to share with you exactly what I did to get my weight under control.  It takes a lot of discipline, will and sheer determination.

True, exercising is 90% of your success.  It takes a lot of work to get off the couch, trust me, I do it Mon. thru Fri.  Once you get moving though, you feel a lot better.  I do it early in the morning to start my day off right.  I needed to know what to eat.  Discovering the right meal weight loss plan for me was also the key to my success.  I wanted to lose the fat and keep it off this time.  I was so excited when my clothes started falling off and people noticed me again (LOL).  That is always a great motivation.  Smile

Having the proper meal weight loss plan is going to be the key to all of your success in this journey.  You have to evaluate everything that goes into your mouth.  You need to be conscious of your calories and ingredients.  In the beginning, you will have to cut out certain foods like starches (potatoes, rice and pasta).  Once you lose the weight, you can switch from white to 100% whole wheat.  You should watch fruits high in sugar and definitely watch your sugar intake.  I will share my simple meal weight loss meal plans over a few articles with you.  Right now, I really wanted you in the right frame of mind and know that you are not alone in this weight loss journey.  I still have 10 pounds to lose, so we will journey to our new bodies together.

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