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For those that are on the verge of spending Christmas alone for the first time, another time, or those that struggle during the Christmas holidays, this is a true story to encourage you.  Christmas Eve 2008 I was forced to leave my home because of a confrontation between me and my son.  I believed it was only for the night, but when I called my wife to tell her I was coming home Christmas day, she informed me I could see my daughter for an hour, but then I would have to leave.  I was devastated!  Never had I imagined this for my life.  After my hour with my daughter, I spent all of Christmas Day balled up in a knot in my friend’s spare bedroom crying.  When I finally got tired of asking God the “why” questions, He was able to speak into my grieving spirit.  “When you make a stand for me (Christ) it will usually come at a cost,” he reminded me.

A couple of days prior to the Christmas Eve incident I explained to my wife that I was not going to spend Christmas with her family this year because they do not believe in Christ.  I let her know I was tired of her cutting me off when I was trying to minister to her family.  My wife is saved, but she has an issue with confrontation with her family.  I was not going to allow Christ to be removed from Christmas.  I was prepared for her response, because I knew she was not going to receive this news well.  I survived the onslaught and  remember her asking, “What am I suppose to tell my family is the reason you are not spending Christmas with us?”  I told her to tell them the truth.  Needless to say things began to spiral out of control after that.  The enemy began to attack our family in a mighty way.  Little did I know she was looking for another reason to give her family for my not showing up for Christmas.

The reason I was alone on Christmas was because of me.  I had lost my focus and my life was out of order.  I was spending so much time worried about my wife’s complaints and my financial situation that I had almost edged the only consistent thing in my life out, Christ.  When I decided to take a stand for Christ in my household, I should have known the attacks were going to come.  They usually do.  The enemy was trying to get me to curse God. If you could have heard some of the things he was trying to run through my head at that time, you would be laughing like I do now when I think about them.  I was really concerned about my family and I was hurting because I was away from them.

God is always at work in your life.  He used my young daughter to encourage me.  The next time I went to see my daughter and spend time with her she gave me a note. The note said,  “ I Love You Daddy And I Will Always Be Your Daughter.”  I still have this note to this day.  God used her to bring me comfort.  It is my constant reminder that God will never leave me nor forsake me.

Christ  gave me time alone to regain my focus and to order my life around him.  He did it at a time that I will always remember, the Christmas holidays.  My wish to make a stand for Christ came at a cost.  I had to realize the Christmas holidays are not about the things we try to make them about.  Christ is the reason for the season and no matter what, he will never be removed from it.  When or if you find yourself alone during the Holidays, take time to reflect on your relationship with Christ. Get past those losses that steal your joy this time of year, and remember Christ was born to cover all your transgressions.

My family and I are back together for the 2009 Christmas season.  We are not a perfect family and never will be.  But as for me and my house, we will always serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  No weapon formed against me will ever stop me from getting God’s message out to his people.  I am not saying you will not have times during the holidays or that you will not grieve when you are alone. I am saying use some of that alone time to revive the most important relationship of all – the relationship you have with Christ.  Enjoy your Christmas holidays whether  you are alone or with family.  Remember, you are never really alone, because Christ is always with you. He promises never to leave you nor forsake you.  There is no Christmas without Christ being first. I Am Just Trying To Help.

Written By Napoleon For Elev8.com

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