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Most money advice overlooks the spiritual side of financial health. But if you miss the spirituality of finances, you’ll miss the truth about money and possessions in your life.

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As you go through our 7-step guide to spiritual financial wisdom, meditate on each step and read about specific ways you can apply these principles. In the end, you’ll have a personal plan for keeping your spending and financial goals in spiritual alignment.

Pay For Your Future

Whether you’re planning for a rainy day, an emergency, or retirement, your income should help pay for your future. Get into the habit of setting a little aside each pay period–in time, you’ll find that saving is fun, and you’ll enjoy reaping the benefits of wisdom. With the future secure, you can be more tuned in to your day-to-day life and more at peace about the road ahead.

Reduce and Recalibrate

How high is your cable bill? Do you need those daily lattes or magazine subscriptions that go mostly unread? Having too much stuff harms us spiritually because it inhibits rest, clarity, and peace. Take stock of your consumption habits and get rid of everything you can. Junk the clutter, and also consider removing expenses that you enjoy but do not absolutely need. Simplicity will free your mind–and your pocketbook.

Love Yourself

After you pay for your future and reduce your clutter, choose a new way to enjoy your money. It might be something small–a new swimsuit–or a dream you’ve long delayed–a beach vacation. Enjoying the fruits of your labor is spiritual: it helps you appreciate the ebb and flow of work and play in your life. Self-sacrifice is essential to spiritual health, but so is self-acceptance and celebration. Buying yourself that special something can help you strike a balance between abundance and asceticism.

Perform Random Acts Of Financial Kindness

Don’t wait for Christmas to buy your husband a new fishing rod or to take your best friend out to her favorite restaurant. Generosity will lift your spirit and give you a new appreciation for the purpose of money. Use your finances to surprise other people and love them in random, generous ways. It may mean holding off on your other spending, but you’ll love what happens inside you as you give to the people you love.

Love Your Enemy

Maybe you don’t have any “enemies,” but chances are you have a coworker whose office habits annoy you, a neighbor who uses your sidewalk as an extra driveway, or a friend who hasn’t been so…friendly. Find those in your life who haven’t been a blessing to you, and bless them. Send flowers, movie passes or free coffee coupons. Consider keeping it anonymous. Even if they don’t change their ways, you will find that spending money on them changes your feelings toward them.

Teach Your Children

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is knowledge about finances. If they have a proper relationship with material things, they will be more empowered to develop a whole, healthy sense of themselves. Teach your children that money and possessions cannot make them complete. But if they are complete within themselves, they will be less likely to chase after money or spend it unwisely. Help them learn from your own financial successes and failures, and model for them careful saving, patient spending, giving to others, and planning for the future. Show them that money is not life’s purpose, but a healthy appreciation for money is essential to living with purpose.

Serve The World

You cannot open the daily paper, turn on the television, or go online without hearing about some great need in the world. With so many important causes–the fights against poverty and disease, disaster recovery, research in new fields of knowledge, the arts–it can seem impossible to make a big difference. But if you want to be spiritual in your finances, take a few minutes and consider the causes that are closest to your heart, then find ways you can donate to them on a regular basis.

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