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Everyone in America knows our cities need more love, kindness, and generosity. But no city in America has ever launched a #PayItForward movement for an entire community over 40 days.

But that all changed when church leaders in Titusville, Florida invited Brian Kluth, a leading generosity author and speaker, to help them plan and launch LovingNorthBrevard – #40DaysofGenerosity.

To kick off this first-ever event, 50,000 free #PayItForward cards were printed to unleash tens of thousands random acts of kindness over 40 days. Brian Kluth’s 40 Day Generous Life Bible devotional APP and #LoveInAction Ideas flyer were also made available for free.

Public schools sent home over 10,000 Community PayItForward cards for children and families to use and give out. Churches distributed thousands of the Christian version PayItForward cards that shares a video about God’s love. One man gave out 1000 slices of banana bread and 1000 PayItForward cards at offices of the Mayor, Police Chief, School Superintendent, Chamber of Commerce, hospital, and several public schools. As random acts of kindness are done and thousands of PayItForward Cards are given out, it will cause a chain reaction that will lead to tens of thousands of acts of kindness spreading exponentially city-wide and beyond.

McDonald’s said they are running out of gift cards because people are buying them to give away with PayItForward cards. Complete strangers have paid for people’s groceries or gas. Drive-thru restaurants and coffee shops have reported hundreds of people paying for the person behind them. Restaurant servers have tearfully shared stories of receiving big tips (50%, 100% or larger!) and of patrons paying for the bill of people they don’t even know. One person said this is helping thousands experience “God’s love from above.”

Beyond small acts of kindness, Appreciation Lunches for police officers and firemen are taking place. A single mom organized a free block party in a crime infested neighborhood. People helped a disabled man to replace his broken wheelchair. Kiwanis, Rotary, and others are raising $200,000 for the city’s first splash park.

One million people watched #40DaysofGenerosity news stories. Here’s a news clip from Orlando’s Fox TV35. Millions more heard Brian Kluth on Howard Dayton’s MoneyWise radio program and Christian TV45.  Organizers hope this will spread. A special #40DaysofGenerosity website has been created so anyone can get free materials and #PayItForward cards for use in their family, church, school, or community.

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