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Pope Franciss visit to America was definitely star studded. Sting was in attendance for New York’s St.Patrick’s Cathedral mass. Mark Walhberg hosted an evening of performances, which culminated with the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s inspiring performance. Ms. Franklin now reveals her fleeting moments with the pontiff.

Aretha Franklin says:

“It was a true and so special honor to meet Pope Francis. We shook hands and I gave him a gift of 25 volumes of sermons by my father, Theologian Rev. C.L. Franklin. He asked me to pray for him as he did others during his time in America. I curtsied and His Holiness left the room for the Festival of Families event. His interpreter and secret service were there. Significant time had passed before I was introduced to sing. I had no idea he was sitting right behind me so that I could acknowledge him. Again, it was a true honor.”

During Saturday’s Festival of Families Pope Francis dumped his script and  joined in with the fun and light warmheartedness  of the importance of domestic life. Aretha’s performance may go down as the singular most inspirational even at an outdoor spiritual event in our country’s history.

Make sure to watch her performance in the story we posted: Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, Sings for Pope Francis [VIDEO]

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