Tina Campbell

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Tina Campbell is a powerhouse with a real story to tell. Her story is one of heartbreak, betrayal, redemption and healing.Tina opened her heart and wrote a book, ‘I Need A Day To Pray‘  and recorded a companion cd entitled ‘It’s Personal‘ to take you through the journey to healing.

Tina says  the following about this season in her life:

My life looked pretty good on the outside. I’m a preacher’s kid who was basically born and raised in church. I came to know God as a kid, got serious about Him as a teen, then changed my mind and strayed, but came back to Him as a young adult. I loved the Lord and chose to have a relationship with Him but I struggled, for many years, to have a committed walk.

Well we get to see the story unfold on stage. Husband Teddy Campbell is a part of the show, while sister Goo Goo Atkins is the narrator.


Tina Campbell Tour Dates

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What dates are you interested in? have you read the book? Are you using the book for meditations?

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