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Black-ish star Anthony Anderson‘s wife, Alvina Stewart, has filed for divorce from the actor, citing the ever-so-popular “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

According to the court documents , Alvina is requesting joint legal custody of the minor and primary physical custody, with Anthony getting “reasonable visitation.” She is also asking for spousal support.

Anderson’s rep  has confirmed  this fact to the media by saying, “Yes, the divorce papers are public record and they have been separated for some time now.” The divorce filing, or even word of their marriage being rocky, comes as a surprise to most, it looks like this was a long time coming. Alvina states the date of their separation as April 1, 2014.

If you think about it, that is about the same time that  Anthony was headed to ‘Black-ish’ stardom. The truth is that when it comes to the bindings of marriage most couples rarely survive stardom of one in Hollywood. Why? Fame is dangerous to relationships for a couple of reasons. Most troubling is that it demands swaths of time away from each other and for stars to build intimate ties with other people. It also creates false reality and feeling.

Consistent time is necessary to sustaining a happy marriage. All relationships need time and consistency. Anthony is also presented with the temptation of the unreal. The lack of reality is that women who surround him do not present the normalcy of womanhood. They are the  fantasy that warps the bond that we should build. When you have it all and it seems to come easy, couples often lose their way and life becomes a quick, steady path of self indulgence.

Think about it. This woman was with him when he had other roles. She supported his art.  Women typically file divorce papers because of abandonment  emotionally, physically and spiritually.The divorce rate in southern California hit 75.54% between 1996-2004. Today is is nearly 80% and climbing. Umpteen Hollywood celebrities have already been married 3,4,5 times and still going. It’s a form of progressive adultery, going from one marital partner to the next, swapping spouses like musical chairs.

With enough attention and idolization, celebrities often begin to believe the idea that they are, in fact, better than anyone else. It can be especially harmful to a marriage when that celebrity begins treating their spouse as inferior. This is especially detrimental among newly-famous people who can’t yet quite grasp the changes in their fame and popularity.

Divorce destroys souls. It  tears apart trust. Yes, some divorces are warranted for serious reasons and offenses. What pulled this marriage apart only those two truly know. Fourteen years is a long time to be bound in matrimonial ties. Though they were separated, I am sure they both are hurt right now. Think about it. Robin Williams once joked that comedian bare a hurt part of their souls that makes them  turn to humor to deal and cope.

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