In January 2009, the New York Times reported that there were more than 1.2 million welfare recipients in the state of California and more than 2.3 million people receiving food stamps.  With the economy in the condition it’s in, it’s not a wonder that welfare fraud is on the rise.  California has the 2nd highest unemployment rate of 8.2% next to Rhode Island with 9.3%.  People are fraught to make ends meet and with the shortage of men in the single run households, women are desperately seeking ways to feed their families.

Sadly, statistics show that Los Angeles County has maintained the highest rate of welfare fraud with approximately 141,000 cases filed and more than $8 million dollars in overpayments.  Women are reportedly accepting money from the county of Los Angeles at alarming rates while collecting funds from additional side hustles.  Now…it’s isn’t against the law to have such a means but when the income goes unreported, therein lies the problem.  Unfortunately, welfare fraud costs the tax payers millions in dollars each year.    We’re talking about blue collar workers who barely have a pot to…well, you know the rest.

If enough citizens put their ears to the ground, we can really make some noise.  Los Angeles populace needs to get out of the, “It’s not my business” bubble and understand that our livelihoods are directly connected to the honesty of our fellow society.  Another way to blow the lid off is to advertise the consequences so that more women who are milking the county will understand what’s at stake.  If it was widely known that jail-time is a repercussion of stealing from “the man,” people would think twice about cashing that check at the top of the month.  I’m just saying…

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