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BibleWalk Museum is using  unwanted celebrity wax figures as Bible characters in their scenes, according to fastcocreate.com. Other celebrity wax figures re-purposed include Elizabeth Taylor and John Travolta in a King Solomon scene, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, and Steve McQueen.

Scenes include King Solomon, Jonah and the Whale, heaven and hell, and the Last Supper. The museum invites you to  experience the Holy Bible come to life with ‘Miracles of the Old Testament’ & ‘Life of Christ’ two 60 minute tours that feature life-sized dioramas of beloved Biblical stories.They offer additional 30 minute tours, ‘Museum of Christian Martyrs’ & ‘Heart of the Reformation that will  provide an insight into the hearts of men & women as they willingly gave their lives for the Word of God.

On its website, the BibleWalk museum asks the potential visitor, “Were you there when they crucified the Lord? Were you there when they laid Him in the grave?

What do you think? Is this pushing it too far in making scripture digestible to everyday folk?
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