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Ben Carson

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Ben Carson is no stranger to most of us. His career highlights include the first successful separation of Siamese twins  in 1987. In 2001, Dr. Carson was named by CNN and TIME Magazine as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists.  He was selected by the Library of Congress as one of 1989’s “Living Legends.”  In June, 2008, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush, the highest civilian honor you can get in the country. Many have called him ‘The Hands of God.”.

In the midst of all of this,  he  pro-ports to be a man of  faith. He spoke at LifePoint Assembly of God in Iowa recently, and moved the crowd by telling them that after three hours locked in the bathroom one day reading Proverbs he became a changed man.

He proclaims his salvation was assured after this confinement by saying:

“When I came out, my temper was gone and I’ve never had a problem since,”

He issues an  unapologetic stance that he raises funds for faith organizations and  is, “unabashedly and entirely pro-life. Human life begins at conception and innocent life must be protected.”  As a devout a  Seventh-day Adventist Ben  must adhere to the tenets  of his faith belief that God transforms, triumphs, inhabits,redeems, creates and loves.

He defends his faith publicly, never shrinking away from confrontation or denial of Christ.

Earlier this week there was a harsh query on where was his respect for life when he wrote a paper in the November 1992 Human Pathology Journal, and in it, he detailed the use of cells taken from two aborted babies?

Quick to quiet and correct this discovery this week shared by Dr. Jen Gunter, an OB/GYN  Ben took to his Facebook page and said:

My only involvement in this study was supplying tumors that I had removed from my patients. Those tissue samples were compared to other tissue samples under a microscope. Pathologists do this work to gain clues about tumors.

I, nor any of the doctors involved with this study, [do not have] anything to do with abortion or what Planned Parenthood has been doing. Research hospitals across the country have microscope slides of all kinds of tissue to compare and contrast. The fetal tissue that was viewed in this study by others was not collected for this study.

Many wonder how can you run for President and naively believe that your faith will not be called  into question? Ben steadfastly replies to this query each time a reporter has asked him the following statement:

I’m not a politician. I don’t want to be a politician because politicians do what is politically expedient. I want to do what’s right.

When, you think about it, doing what is right comes down to accepting a basic moral code. His basic moral  code allows him to run. He firmly believes America has been favored by God because we have acknowledged Him.   Ben actually explained it by saying on an early CBN interview the following:

Our nation was founded on principles revealed to us in the Bible by a righteous and just God. These teachings began in the home and continued at school. In early public schools reading from the Bible was not only common, it was expected.

So, of all the candidates running  Ben Carson appears to be the one who’s faith is actually driving him to run.

What do you think?

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