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Tiger Wood’s indiscretions could possibly boost the membership for AshleyMadison.com.  Ashley Madison.com is web site which provides legal assistance in hooking up married partners. Yes, you read that correctly. They specialize in matching married people to other married people for the express reason of hooking up.  Its’ committing adultery in the high tech age. The web site has reportedly 3.5 million paying members “Life is Short, Have an Affair,” teases its tagline. At least 4 million people have signed on temporarily to try the service. The founder claims he has preserved more marriages than he has destroyed.

In one month they have had 679,000 men and women have used the service to contact a cheating partner. According to their profiles, 92% of males on the site are married or otherwise attached, as are 60% of female members. The site has become so popular they now have commercials on mainstream television toting their offers It is plain and simple its rebranding infidelity and making it acceptable.  AshleyMadison is making bad choices, broken promises and faithlessness look trendy and hip and fun to talk about at a cocktail party. They even offer an application for your I -Touch to assist in your cheating. The  Tag line is  “When you need to cheat there’s an Ap for that.”  Possibly if Tiger had hooked up with them he wouldn’t have been caught.

Surely each day passes and we get more and more salacious details of whom Tiger was seeing and when they were seeing each other. It could have been to his benefit if he had actually hired this site. Their claim to fame is discretion, which Tiger obviously lacked. Unlike Craigslist’s plain-Jane listings, AshleyMadison lets cheaters customize profiles, chat anonymously and trade messages about adulterous preferences — all in an effort to make cheating as simple as using Match.com. The site uses the two most popular names in the Baby Books to create its allure.

The Ashley Madison Commercial:

AshleyMadison isn’t the only site aimed at under-the-radar relationships. Sites like EstablishedMen.com and SeekingArrangement.com all offer variations on the theme. AshleyMadison is the most successful site openly capitalizing on extramarital affairs.

Is this truly what our society has devolved into? A servicing of everything and anything you want because you can. It’s really disturbing when you think that such a site exists.

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