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If you have ever wondered why the word of God says to study to show yourself approved, the attached photo on to this blog is a prime example.  At first glance you would look at the picture of the T Shirt and say it is a blessed thing for someone to say Pray for President Obama.  I would be willing to bet the sellers of the shirt are counting on such ignorance to boost their efforts. This is what Psalm 109:8 states:

8 May his days be few;

may another take his place of leadership.

This verse is as clear as it is written.  I have always been taught you need to read the verses before and after to get the true understanding of the meaning of a scripture.  In my opinion the person praying this prayer for President Obama feels they are righteous in their ways and are acting on Gods behalf as David did when he was singing this prayer to God against his enemies.  No one should be surprised at the spirit in which the shirt was made.  There are many that feel this way.  Why is it so hard for people to understand there are those out there that actually want to see President Obama fail?

It doesn’t matter to me who you voted for in our last election when President Obama won.  I am not concerned with people’s personal political views.  What concerns me is there are those out there that still do not investigate the truth for themselves and just go with whatever is set before them.  When someone pulls one scripture out of the entire message and tries to sell it to you as the truth, investigate it for yourself.  Deception always seeks to give you only part of the truth.  I could sit here as if I was preaching a sermon and break down Psalm 109 but I am not a preacher and you will get more out of it if you study it for yourself.  It is time for people to stop believing everything they see and hear.  Learn to rightly understand the meaning of God’s word  for yourself. Some of you may find new church homes when you find out you have only been getting part of the truth.  Don’t let your lack of knowledge of what is between the pages of the word of God be your misfortune ( I speak for myself too when I say this).  If you have a hard time understanding, find a reliable source to help you get a clear view of the knowledge you seek.  Personally I would never let someone sell me something with scripture on it if I had no knowledge of the scripture.  You and I may not share the same opinion on what I have just written.  We will once again have to agree to disagree.  I Am Just Trying To Help.

Written By Napoleon for Elev8.com

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