Wear sunscreen, minimum SPF30. It is a myth that black people don’t need sunscreen. Every skin color can get a sunburn. A sunburn means that the skin has been so damaged the skin dies and peels off. Also, sunscreen prevents dark spots and uneven skin tone, which are the number one signs of aging in Black skin.

Wear a hat with a 4-inch brim to fully protect the face from the sun. Add an antioxidant to your skincare regimen.

Wear protective clothing in the sun.

In the summer, trips to the beach and pool can cause the hair to break. Also tight braids, (most frequently done in the summer) can cause the hair to break. Wear a swim cap. Take a hair vitamin. Don’t overprocess hair and avoid braids that are too tight or too thin (micro-braids). If you already have hair loss, avoid braids and extensions.

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