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Recently a dear friend contacted  me and informed me that her cousin had moved to Atlanta and asked me to reach out to him. Not a problem, but little did I know who I would encounter. I met this young man and he truly had his act together. He is serious about the things of God and is not playing when it comes to making things happen in his life.  He appears to be very grounded, focused and ready to take the world by storm.

After meeting with him, it made me think of  how often  positive black men are not celebrated in mainstream media. There is always so much negative press about black men.  Yes, some is warranted. But the good black men are often overlooked in an effort to exploit the negativity and downfall of their wayward counterparts. And never given the kudos they deserve for doing the right thing..

Let me take a moment to praise my brothas…

HEAR me, there are certain things that only a black man has, for instance, swagger: when a black man is solid within himself, he exudes an air of confidence like none other. When a brother has been broken by the Lord his humility is so pure and serene and his leadership is impeccable. The best thing walking is a black man who is confident, secure, yet humble, loving and a mighty gentle giant. No one or nothing can compete against him and win.

I would like to take time out to applaud, elevate, uplift, encourage and most of all THANK the black men who each and every day try to do the right thing.

Be encouraged and know that we love you and we have your back. This song is for you…God Bless!

Brotha – Angie Stone

Encourage a man today. You might be the only image of the love of Christ that he may encounter.

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