Sharing Black History With Your Children

This weekend our suggestion for “Things People With Kids Like To Do” is to allow your child to live black history. By living black history we mean, take them out of the house and share with them something that they’re not going to receive in school. Have you even asked your child what they’ve learned so far for Black History Month?

Instead of having the kids write or read the same old reports on Martin and Malcolm, do some research and find out who pushed for “change” in your local community during the civil rights era. Take a walking Black History tour if they’re available in your city like this one in San Diego or this one in Toronto. Is there a mural or exhibit in your city or town like the image above of Duke Ellington that’s located on DC’s historic U Street? Check it out and use it as a learning tool. Go to the local library and find books on someone that may not be so famous.

The list goes on and on but the point is to give your child a real black history experience that they won’t soon forget and may cherish for years to come.

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