15.  Where are all the people who bum rush out of church before the benediction really going?  Are they trying to make sure they get a seat at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles?

14.  Does anyone else have a church with the one token white person in the choir who over exaggerates to stay on rhythm?

13.  Why doesn’t the vending machine in the hallway ever work?  I’m hungry after church…shucks.

12.  Why does everyone turn and look (with some irritation) at the woman who is trying to quiet the baby up?  It really isn’t nice to mean mug a woman with a baby…I’m just sayin’.

11.  Does anyone else get nervous that the person the pastor lays hands on won’t fall out and the people standing behind them won’t have anything to do because they can’t catch him, since he didn’t like you know…pass out?

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