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We now can say that many chronic diseases can be due to  nutritional deficiencies. Our food is lacking the nutrients our body needs so our body starts to fail us and disease sets in. We can also say that whole food consumption is the best way to counter these nutritional deficiencies. That sounds easy enough but realistically speaking it can be challenging. Busy schedules make preparing whole foods easy to ignore.

This article will discuss how to provide your body with proper nutrients when whole food consumption alone isn’t the answer. Nutraceuticals are one way to go. Nutraceuticals are “Food, or parts of food, that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease”.

Nutraceuticals  are broken down into two categories:

Dietary Supplements: Products that contain substances such as vitamins, minerals, foods, botanicals, amino acids and is intended to supplement the usual intake of these substances.”

Functional Foods: ”Functional foods are products formulated with naturally occurring chemicals (or combinations of chemicals) – found in many fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and spices – to provide a health benefit, lower the risk of certain diseases, or affect a particular body process.

Between the medications, food and toxic waste is it possible to stay healthy? The good news is Nutraceuticals  are exploding. Some say Nutraceuticals will soon be a multi billion dollar industry. Finally there seems to be people that actually care about our health. Now the challenge is to get us to care about our health.

Like anything else Nutraceuticals has it’s good sides and bad sides. The negative side to Nutraceuticals can involve over exposure. Some say the powers of the food industry are taking products and providing too many nutrients which may cause excessive caloric intake. New York University food scientist Marion Nestle  calls them “calorie distractors.”

Functional foods are about marketing, not health,” she said. “They delude people into thinking that these things are healthy,” and they often eat more than is wise” she said.

In my opinion the best way to remedy this issue is to take part in a activity that seems to have disappeared in today’s  television based society…..Research. Educate yourself on which Nutraceuticals are best for you, your health status and your budget. One general rule to follow, do not depend on your local grocery store  as a source for Nutraceuticals. Remember, a lot of the processed garbage that has us in this health crisis comes from your grocery store. You need to also remember that Nutraceuticals are not the only answer. Do not depend entirely on Nutraceuticals. Taking care of your body involves, eating right (whole foods as often as possible), exercise, rest and water. You can add Nutraceuticals to this list but do not make Nutraceuticals THE list. To get you started on Nutraceuticals view this video.

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