Technology: Is It Killing Our Children’s Ability To Have Face To Face Conversations?

Technology has made all of our lives easier in many ways.  We no longer have to wait for the rotary dial on the phone to get all the way around before we dial the next number.  We can now record our favorite shows (TVO) and watch them later without having to read the VCR manual first.  We can even pause live TV to yell at the kids to get it together and pick back up where we left off.  Now instead of stopping to ask for directions, GPS can do it all for you.  GPS can even make reservations for dinner, tell you how to get around a traffic jam and find an address with just a phone number.  While technology has done all these wonderful things for us, I have realized after talking to my mom the other day, it has taken a lot away from us also.

My mom helped me realize it is not always a good thing to have these so called conveniences.  Has it occured to anyone that because  we have cell phones that run our lives now, our kids are missing out on learning the true ability to communicate.  My son is fourteen years old and acts like his life is in jeapordy every time we tell him to take his face out of his phone so you can say something to him.  I turned the texting off for over a year because he was beginning to talk and write like he was text messaging.  He is a good student with about a 3.8gpa because I and his mom stay on top of him.  It is just crazy to watch he and his friends sit around when they get together.  Take the cell phone and the video games away and they are at a loss for words. How will they ever be able to maintain relationships without knowing how to speak to someone face to face?

Try this test out with your children.  Sit them down and ask them a question that is not a yes or no answer.  Make it a question that they have to expound upon.  If you find yourself scratching your head because you cannot follow what they are trying to say, it may be time to cut back on some of the technology.  Have them write a paragraph about something that is going on in their lives or something that they will have to elaborate on in detail.  When you are reading it, does it sound like an English paper or does it look like a lot of text message short cuts have been used?  Help them out by being a parent if they fail the tests.

President Obama has already asked that we take some of these steps to ensure our futures. I am saying it is a good idea to really start to pay attention to what he was saying and impliment some of the guidelines as well as add a few that will enhance the process and benefit our children that are our future.  Turn off the television on school nights. They will live if the television does not come on during the week.  Have them give you their cell phones when they get home so they are not distracted when they have to get their homework done (yes, they do text while doing their schoolwork and lose focus).  Make it a reward to get it back after the work is completed and completed properly.  Do not be afraid to take away their video games, televisions and cell phones even if they are your baby sitters at times.  It is not about the parent being inconvenienced.  In the long run it is a benefit to your children. This may or may not sit well with you.  I Am Just Trying To Help.

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