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Former “Love & Hip Hop” star Emily Bustamante (aka Emily B) has given birth to another child for Fabolous.  Fab and Emily  were already parents to 6-year-old Johan and Emily has a 16-year-old daughter, named Taina, from a previous relationship.

Her storyline on”Love & Hip Hop”  was focused on her moving on in her life and focusing on  “living life after Fab.” What happened? Did she decide to give in and settle?

Fab has made it clear that he is not all in several times. On his instagram account earlier this year he posted:

On the show we watched Emily struggle with the comings and goings of Fab. She even inferred that she wanted her next child to be born into wedlock. She wanted to be treasured and cherished. What happened to her higher ground morals?  Granted, women are more free to change their minds, but men have afforded themselves the comparable option to move on after fathering  child.  Contemporary men often reason ” If she is not willing to have an abortion or use contraception, why should I sacrifice myself to get married?” By making the birth of the child the physical choice of the mother, this has made marriage and child support a social choice of the father. Fab made it very clear on the show and his social accounts that he is “free as a bird”.

Fab may  even support financially and  be a part of his child’s life, but once again the family unit is not whole. Emily, then is seen as just a “baby’s momma”. Though she tried to be private on LHHNY and remain an encouraging role model of a working free woman, she has now fallen short. Her dream to “be more than  Fab’s baby momma” has vanished. We watched her pain and struggle to “move on”. We saw her move into her own home by the sweat of her brow with broken emotional and spiritual injuries.

Has Emily now settled? Is she another statistic of women who lower their standards  to keep a man?  Is half a man better than no man? The bigger issue is  has Emily  become the perfect example of the imperfect sexual revolution of the hip hop generation?

In other words, what the bodies do sexually, even when they commit to be one on one and act as one to form new life, does not mean that the two partners are in fact, one partnership, for any particular length of time.  So in real world thinking their words and actions indicate that they believe that bodies are separable from them as a couple. This confirms her willingness to have a sexual encounter, and even produce a child together, but to share no mutual commitment now, and no partnership in the future.

That is vastly different than the Emily who said, “I deserve to be treated better.” in her final scene on Love And Hip Hop New York”.

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