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Kings And Prophets‘ is an epic Biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet and a resourceful young shepherd on a collision course with destiny.

This series will focus in on the struggles of  King Saul and why he lost God’s favor According to the bible  King Saul had the honor of being Israel’s first king, but his life turned into a tragedy for one reason. Saul did not trust in God. Saul became king when he was 30 years old and reigned over Israel 42 years. Early in his career he made a horrible disobedient mistake. He disobeyed God by failing to completely destroy the Amalekites and all their possessions, as God had commanded. That mistake comes back to bite him!

You will meet Samuel, the war worn prophet of God.  Saul’s rejection of God’s favored prophet Samuel sets forth the wheels of God that bring about King David.  Samuel  traveled  to Bethlehem and anointed the young shepherd David, son of Jesse. Thus, began a years-long ordeal as the jealous Saul chased David through the hills, trying to kill him. In the  below trailer you will see the beginnings of sin that seep into Saul’s Kingdom.

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Starring: Ray Winstone | Haaz Sleiman | Maisie Richardson-Sellers | Oliver Rix | Simone Kessell | James Floyd | Mohammad Bakri | Tomer Kapon

Saul, according to the bible and scholars, led a household  that could be an impulsive, unfocused,  selfishly driven den of iniquity. Adultery, lust and arrogance were constant vices in his household.  His jealousy of David drove him to madness and a thirst for revenge. More than once, King Saul disobeyed God’s instructions, thinking he knew better.

The show will be a must see!  I am in. This isn’t the first time we have seen aversion of “David and Saul”. A few years ago NBC attempted to bring the story alive in Kings.The series’ narrative  was loosely based on the Biblical story of King David, but set in a kingdom that culturally and technologically resembles the present-day United States.

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