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Jewel Tankard is a multi faceted woman. Jewel’s life as an intercessor began when she was a Senior at University of Michigan. She went to church and thought that she was going to pray her drug dealer boyfriend out of prison! She had no idea that as she was praying for him, God would change her desires and, once her desires changed, it caused her to run after God. She was connected to a praying church and praying mothers that imparted in her a mantle to pray. Because she desired to pray, it was easy for her to receive. From that time, she has been growing in praying in the Spirit ever since.

Jewel Tankard is launching a brand new show and needs you.

Are you a successful woman in the Detroit area that’s felt like the pressure to be “perfect” has led you into depression or suicidal thoughts? Have you overcome a suicide attempt? And you’re ready to tell your story? The Jewel Tankard Show wants to hear from you!

Please submit your story at thejeweltankardshow@gmail.com by Sat Apr 11 at Midnight to be considered for taping on April 22.

Jewel, along with her entire family, star on the Bravo Reality Show, Thicker Than Water. Family is very important to Jewel and being able to work closely with her entire family (her husband,Ben, and their 5 children- Marcus, Brooklyn, Britney, Benji, and Cyrene) is exciting for her. Not only does she invest time in educating the world on finances, she makes sure that her family is equipped as well.

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